"To him, all good things - trout as well as eternal salvation- come by grace, and grace comes by art, and art does not come easy."
~ Norman Maclean from the book "A River Runs Through It"

Monday, August 1, 2011

For My Three Followers/Update

   It is really nice to get some feedback, I like to know that I am not the only one doing this (I know that sounds ridiculous, but Its hard not to when Im the only one I personally know). Thanks for the comments and I hope you keep an interest in my documentation.
   As for the update... I still have to get through this class. It feels like my move is forever away, but I know it isn't and I need to actually get the ball rolling as far as the selling of my truck. I cant decide if I want to post it on Ebay.com or Craigslist.com or Autotrader.com, maybe Ill just sell it back to the original dealership. I also need to get that cash for the certification class and sign up because I hear those things fill up quick.
   Recently I have had second thoughts about Denver.. I mean, are the outfitters in Denver successful? I think I might try living in Boulder or Fort Collins... I feel that some place like that would give me a better balance between taking college class and actually being successful with fishing since its a lot closer to better fishing locations.
   Anyways, I decided to post this because Im trying to study for an exam I have tomorrow, but all I can think about is my move after its all done. I know I still need to do well in this class before I leave so I can qualify for financial aid.. Man I dont like money, "the root of all evil" (1 Timothy 6:10), is absolutely right. 

   Oh and I still am obsessed with the fly tying.. I feel like Im saving so much money in the long run. I still need lots of practice though. The flies I have bought at stores as reference for my tying are, to quote Ben Stiller, "really really ridiculously good looking". Ill just keep at it and hopefully the trout aren't too judgmental or picky about the first 100 I tie.

Again, I will not keep any new information, occurrences, problems, thoughts, or feelings from this blog so keep reading! Now Im off to studying.


  1. Boulder is a very entrepreneurial town. All of the outfitters there only require that you have CPR and First Aid certifications, be personable, and a good teacher on the water. CU is a good school (I work there) and I know folks in the fly shop and guide services in Boulder (*hint one is a follower of yours). Good luck with all your preparations!