"To him, all good things - trout as well as eternal salvation- come by grace, and grace comes by art, and art does not come easy."
~ Norman Maclean from the book "A River Runs Through It"

Monday, August 8, 2011

While I Wait...

   While I wait for the adventure to jump start, I have to sit around in freaking hot as hell Texas. I just need to get myself to Colorado already. I mean its almost tedious just sitting around in class and acting like it matters for the next leg of life, but I know in some way it does. Anyways, I only have 2 more days of class left then its back to the home town and thats when things will really pick up.
   Oh I still have to sell my truck, its a Dodge Ram 1500 (2009) with 33000 miles so if anyone wants it, its yours. 

Ok well I still don't have anything really interesting to write about but Im sure things will start to get crazy very soon. Until then, keep fishing for me (those who live in and love Colorado).

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