"To him, all good things - trout as well as eternal salvation- come by grace, and grace comes by art, and art does not come easy."
~ Norman Maclean from the book "A River Runs Through It"

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fly Tying

   Today I purchased my first fly tying ensemble and THIS IS AWESOME. I tied my first fly within 5 minutes, granted it was not the best, but i have been doing it all day and I have gotten so much better at it. What an awesome hobby. Its almost as exciting as actually fishing. Anyone who has not attempted to tie their own flies, I strongly encourage you to get into it.
   As for the update on the move: I have several things I need to get done prior. 1) I need to sell my truck and buy a used jeep or 4runner or some smaller SUV so I can have some extra cash. 2) I need to find what school I should take part time classes at. 3) I need to register for my guide school class so I can get certified for guiding on the river.
  I am so close to getting the cash I need for the class and I could not be more excited to head up to mountain country. As for right now though, I need to get my last class done and get those other things done. At least I learned how to tie flies now.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Intro -- Disclaimer -- Pilot Post

   The relocation is something I have thought about all my life. Living in Colorado, becoming a fly fishing guide amongst mountains and real country. I am just a simple kid, who loves Jesus and likes to fish, and Ive decided to move from Texas to do something I love, maybe hoping to make some money while doing it.
   Money was never a big plan for my future though, and going to a small university in Texas does have it's social norms. I just decided that I want to be happy, and sitting in an office from 9 to 5 everyday making money for a company that I don't even care about would be miserable. I believe life is only truly lived when you're doing something you love, as long as its moderately decent for your own well being, and for me fishing is just that.
   This blog is about my relocation to Colorado from Texas as it progresses. As for this post, I am still in Texas, taking my last class before moving up to Colorado, living with one of my old friends, and basically hitting the "reset button".
   To be clear, I'm not "running away" from anything, I will miss all of my friends here in Texas, but let us be real, its not too far away, and sometimes you have to make sacrifices.
 I will not keep anything regarding the process from this blog, its a complete documentation of the expedition and the experience.

   Oh and I have decided to remain anonymous and create the alias "Adam Coachman" (Adam's fly and Royal Coachman fly) for the risk of saying something that I will regret, not that I am paranoid or have some diabolical plan, just because I feel its better that way..